Anthony Zacchara
General Hospital
Portrayed by Bruce Weitz
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Duration 2007—2012
First appearance October 19, 2007
Last appearance July 26, 2012
Gender Male
Date of death May 22, 2012
Occupation Mob boss
Head of Zacchara crime syndicate [19??–2009]
Residence Quartermaine Mansion
Port Charles, New York

Anthony Zacchara is a fictional character from the original daytime soap opera, General Hospital. The character first appears in the fall of 2007 being portrayed by veteran actor, Bruce Weitz.



Bruce Weitz first appears in the role of Anthony Zacchara on October 19, 2007.[1] Previously Weitz was known for his Emmy award winning role as Detective Mick Belker on hit NBC crime drama, Hill Street Blues.[1] In February 2009, TV Guide reported that Weitz would be vacating the role after expressing his intention to retire from acting full time. Weitz last appears on March 2, 2009, however he said would always be open to a future return.[2] In late June 2009, it was announced the Weitz would return for the July 9, 2010; however the brief return turned into a longer stint concluding on November 24, 2009.[3] Weitz reappears for a handful of episodes in February 2010 and May 2010. Weitz once again reprised his role for a longer story arch on April 19, 2011.[4] In April 2012, it was confirmed that the character would be killed off but Weitz would remain with the series in a recurring capacity as Anthony's ghost.[5]Weitz debut as Anthony was hailed as one of the most exciting performances of 2007. [6]


"For the last several weeks, the characters on General Hospital have been talking nonstop about Anthony Zacchara, a mobster so scary his mere name makes Port Charles crime boss Sonny Corinthos (played by Maurice Benard) shiver like a Chihuahua."

TV Guide's Michael Logan[1]
The character of Anthony is first described as "a homicidal maniac who goes beyond Tony Soprano in craziness". Weitz himself describes Anthony as his character to TV Guide's Michael Logan as being "out of his mind."[1] He is also described as a GH's "crack mobster".[6] Weitz gives Anthony a "loud, bombastic characterization rife with humor" allowing the character to appear more evil and sinister.[7] Weitz also adds some much needed comic relief to the particularly gloomy soap.[4]

Anthony's hatred for his daughter, Claudia (Sarah Brown) is a big part of the character's descent into madness prior to his appearance in the series. It is known that Anthony didn't have a happy life with Claudia's mother, Dominica and his disdain for Claudia stems from her being so much like her mother. Anthony's hatred for Claudia is displayed when he doesn't show remorse after Claudia's is murdered, and instead tries to recruit her killer, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) as a member of his crime organization.[4]





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