Damian Spinelli
GHAnderson Spinelli
Bradford Anderson Damian Spinelli
General Hospital
Portrayed by Bradford Anderson
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Duration 2006—
First appearance November 13, 2006
Spin-off appearance General Hospital: Nightshift
Gender Male
Alias Hudson Rorschach[1]
Damian from Australia
Date of birth April 27, 1978 (1978-04-27) (age 41)[2]
Occupation Computer Hacker
Erand boy
Private Investigator
Residence 122 Harbor View Drive
Port Charles, New York



Anderson initially played the character on a "recurring" (non-contract) basis, but the character has proved popular,[3] and actor Bradford Anderson was offered a multi-year contract,[4] which he accepted in May 2007.[5] The character was added to the opening credits sequence on July 6, 2007.

Spinelli is also one of the crossover characters that appeared in the Summer 2007 season of General Hospital: Night Shift.[6]


In September 2006, General Hospital put out a casting call for a "college-aged kid" who was a cross between Seth Green and Spicoli, a character played by Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The part was won by Anderson, who says he tries to emulate Spicoli's speaking style when playing the character. Spinelli's dialogue, a rapid-fire mix of surfer lingo and Internet slang, has offered comic relief, and an unusual "tech-savvy" character to the show, that has been called "one of the quirkiest characters daytime has ever seen."[7] Anderson says he generally doesn't improvise the part, instead sticking to the script supplied a couple days before filming. The name of the specific writer or writers who create Spinelli's dialogue have not been identified.[8]


There have been disputes about whether to spell the character's name as "Damien" or "Damian". In the show's closing credits he is referred to as Damien, but in a scene from General Hospital, in which Spinelli is holding a business card, it is spelled "Damian".

Spinelli is close friends with Supercouple, Jason Morgan and Sam McCall, and he is in love with Maxie Jones. Spinelli is known for using nicknames for a variety of characters, all of which are derived from one of their perceived attributes; for example, he has dubbed Jason "Stone Cold" for his taciturn and unemotional personality. According to his arrest records, Damian Spinelli was born in Tennessee on April 27, 1978.[9]





Spinelli has a penchant for giving nicknames to those individuals who he has come into contact with, and on occasion to inanimate objects.

  • Bernie Abrahms: The Bernificent One
  • Lorenzo Alcazar: Darth Alcazar
  • Cooper Barrett - The Clean-Cut Cadet
  • Brenda Barrett Corinthos - The Divine One, Mrs. Sir
  • Michael Corinthos III: Young-Sir
  • Sonny Corinthos: Mr. Sir, The Pacino-escue Dude, The Godfather
  • Alexis Davis - Mother of the Goddess
  • Kristina Davis - Half-Pint Hacker, Lil' Krissy, The Reluctant Mob Princess
  • Anna Devane - Adventurous One, Kick-Butt Mother of the Bride, Legendary Empress of Operatives
  • Sasha Donev - The Slavic Seductress
  • Emma Scorpio-Drake- Most Welcome Emma
  • Dante Falconeri- The Betrayer, The Duplicitous Detective
  • Logan Hayes - The Crabby Commando, The Unworthy One
  • Kate Howard - The Fashionista, The Ice Queen
  • Jasper Jacks - The Valkyrie's White Knight
  • Carly Corinthos Jacks - The Valkyrie
  • Jerry Jacks - The Unhinged One, The Demon Formally Known as Craig
  • Georgie Jones: Wise Georgie, The Faithful Friend, Friend and Faithful Companion
  • Maxie Jones: The Bad Blonde One (Formerly), Maximista, previously The Wounded Blonde One
  • Molly Lansing - Unsinkable Molly
  • Ric Lansing - The DA of Darkness
  • Trevor Lansing - Darth Lansing
  • Todd Manning: Psychotic One
  • Sam McCall - Fair Samantha, The Goddess, Fearless Samnatha, The Bodacious One
  • Diane Miller - Brusque Lady of Justice
  • Jason Morgan - Stone Cold, The Master
  • Dillon Quartermaine - The Incestuous One, Film Guy
  • Robin Scorpio - The Expectant One, Fair Robin
  • Jake Spencer - The Small Stone Cold One, Stone Cold Special, The Innocent One
  • Lucky Spencer - Cleft-chined keeper of the Peace
  • Luke Spencer - Father of the Blond One
  • Lulu Spencer - The Original Blonde One, Fair Lulu
  • Damian Spinelli - The Jackal, The Grasshopper
  • Elizabeth Webber - The Maternal One/Fair Elizabeth
  • Anthony Zacchara - The Evil Patriarch, The Denizen of Darkness
  • Claudia Zacchara - Vixenella, The Other Valkyrie
  • Johnny Zacchara - The Septic Son, Dark Mob Prince


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