Dorian Lord
On-ne-vit-qu-une-fois-tv-03-g (2)
Robin Strasser as Dr. Dorian Cramer Lord
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Robin Strasser (1979–87, 1993–2000, 2003–11)
(and others)
Created by Agnes Nixon
Gordon Russell
Introduced by Doris Quinlan
Cross over All My Children
Duration 1973–87, 1989–2000, 2003–11
First appearance April 30, 1973
Last appearance August 25, 2011
Family Cramer
Alias Dorian Cramer (maiden name)
Dorian Cramer Lord
  • Physician (non-practicing)
  • Shareholder in Lord Enterprises (1976—)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Llanview Hospital (1976—)
  • Mayor of Llanview, Pennsylvania (2009–11)
  • Acting U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (2011—)
  • Residence
  • Washington, D.C.
  • La Boulaie, 56 Lincoln Street, Llanview, Pennsylvania [1]
  • Alternate performer(s)
    210px-Dorian-ElainePrinci-1990 (2)
    Elaine Princi as Dr. Dorian Cramer Lord #4

    Nancy Pinkerton as Dr. Dorian Cramer Lord #1

    Dr. Dorian Lord Vickers Buchanan (née Cramer; formerly Callison, Santi, Vickers, Hayes, and Laurence) is a fictional character and matriarch of the Cramer family on the American soap opera One Life to Live, most notably played for 23 years by actress Robin Strasser.

    Dorian is best remembered as the long-time frenemy of Victoria Lord (Erika Slezak). Their enmity began when Dorian thought that Viki, a member of the hospital board had cast the vote having her removed from practicing medicine at Llanview Hospital. However, it was later revealed that Viki had cast the sole vote against her termination.

    Dorian and Viki had been at loggerheads for many years due to this misunderstanding, but as often as they fought, they also had a lot of respect and even some kind of love. Dorian knew some of Viki's past as she had hated what her husband at the time, Victor, had done to her.

    As Viki said to her, "You've made my life hell, but, in many ways, you MADE my life."

    As much as either one of them would not admit it, Dorian and Viki are quite alike. At times, they would fight, but they would also team up against the common enemy.


    1. ^ La Boulaie is the former Saybrooke estate, renamed by Dorian. She asserts that the mansion is historical, but at one point Viki Lord Davidson notes, "Oh Dorian, this house was built in 1958."
    2. ^ a b Though Victor Lord "died" in 1976, he appeared alive (and then died again) in 2003. At that time it was noted on-air that Victor and Dorian's marriage would have been dissolved anyway seven years after his "legal" death (1983), making her marriage to Herb Callison invalid but subsequent marriages legal.
    3. ^ In the December 04, 2009 episode Dorian tells a back-from-the-dead Mitch that she had annulled their marriage.
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