MyAnna Buring as Edna Braithwaite, the conniving housemaid, later lady's maid.

Edna Braithwaite is a character on the series, Downton Abbey. She is played by actress MyAnna Buring.

Scheming and conniving housemaid

Edna is a former housemaid who is conniving and scheming. We first meet the conniving woman in the second season as a general housemaid. She replaced another maid named Ethel Parks, who had been sacked after being caught with a soldier while Downton Abbey was a convalescent home for war wounded soldiers. During her time as a housemaid, she would gain a huge crush on chauffeur Tom Branson, but he would not look at her, as he was in love with Sybil Crawley.

She would be canned after she tried everything to derail Tom's transition to the upstairs family. He would ask Mrs. Hughes to write her a good reference. It was a decision that both of them would regret later.

The scheming Edna would return as Cora Crawley's second lady's maid. Lady Rose, who had been staying with her, would convince Cora to hire her, to make up for Sarah O'Brien having left Downton to be in the service of her mother, Susan MacClare.

However, she had no clue as to what trouble Edna had caused, as she had been in Scotland when she caused her schemes before.

She would cause trouble with the house, and she again schemed to try to connive Tom into her life again, this time, trying to trap him into marriage. Sensing him as vulnerable, since his wife had just recently died, she proceeded to get him drunk on whiskey and to try to get him into bed. In this, she failed, as Mrs. Hughes exposed her scheme (where she would have found a person to get pregnant by and tried to saddle the baby on Tom. Using the controversial methods espoused by the infamous Marie Stopes) and sacked her ceremoniously.

After a fight with Thomas Barrow, in which she called him out as she saw him as being sly and oily and that nobody in their right minds trusted him; and he retaliated against her, by calling her a scheming witch whose schemes came to nothing, she stormed out of the abbey once and for all, after giving her notice, giving the reason of being family troubles.

She would be replaced by Phyllis Baxter, who had been hired on Thomas' recommendation (although he failed to reveal to Cora that she had been a criminal). She would remain through the series end, after she revealed the whole story to Cora and Thomas' attempts to bully her were stopped.

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