Hope Manning-Thornhart
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Madeline, Molly and Tess Sullivan (2008-12)
Shiloh Nelson (2012)
Caitlyn Buton (2012)
Cheyanna Prelesnik (2012; hallucination)
Created by Ron Carlivati
Cross over General Hospital
Duration 2008-12
First appearance November 6, 2008 (On OLTL)
February 24, 2012 (On GH)
Last appearance January 13, 2012 (On OLTL)
June 21, 2012 (On GH)
Gender Female
Alias Chloe Brennan
Date of birth November 6, 2008
Date of death February 28, 2012

Hope Manning-Thornhart was a fictional character on the American daytime soap opera One Life to Live. She was portrayed by triplets Madeline, Molly and Tess Sullivan from November 6th, 2008 until January 13th, 2012. The role was briefly portrayed by Caitlyn Buton on General Hospital from February 24th to 28th, 2012.

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