Family Members


  • Only current spouses are listed or those who were married when they died.
  • Characters who appear in the final episodes of OLTL and in continuity on ABC Daytime appear in bold.


  • Randolph Lord (deceased)
    • Virginia "Ginny" Fletcher (deceased)

First Generation

  • Victor Lord (born June 17, 1926; died February 27, 2003)
    • Eugenia Randolph [dissolved] (died 1949)
    • Dorian Cramer [annulled]
  • Powell Lord, I (deceased) - Brother of Victor
    • Margaret Last name Unknown
  • Gwendolyn Lord (deceased) - Sister of Victor
    • Jonathan Abbott [dissolved]

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation

  • Zane Buchanan (born 2006 revised 1995) - Son of Duke and Kelly Cramer

Family tree

Irene Manning
Dorothy Randolph
Victor Lord
Eugenia Randolph
Blair Cramer
Todd Manning
Téa Delgado
Victor Lord Jr.
Margaret Cochran
Cord Roberts
Tina Lord
Larry Wolek
Meredith Lord
Tony Lord
Pat Ashley
Roger Gordon
Clint Buchanan
Victoria Lord
Joe Riley
Mitch Laurence
Starr Manning
Cole Thornhart
Danielle Manning
Jack Manning
Sam Manning
C. J. Roberts
Sarah Roberts
Daniel Wolek
Brian Kendall
Megan Gordon
John McBain
Natalie Buchanan
Joey Buchanan
Kevin Buchanan
LeeAnn Demerest
Robert Ford
Jessica Buchanan
Nash Brennan
Hope Manning
Liam McBain
Duke Buchanan
Kelly Cramer
Ryder Asa Ford
Bree Brennan
Zane Buchanan
Kevin Buchanan, Jr.


Randolph Lord
m. Virginia "Ginny" Fletcher
  c. Unknown man
    m. Unknown woman
      c. Powell Lord Sr. (deceased)
        m. Margaret Maiden name Unknown
          c. Powell Lord II (deceased)
            m. Trish Maiden name Unknown
              c. Powell Lord III (died 2009) 
      c. Victor Lord (born 1916; died 2003)
        m. Eugenia Randolph [1940s-1950; dissolved]
          c. Victoria Lord (born 1946)
            m. Roger Gordon [early 1960s; annulled]
              c. Megan Gordon (born 1963; died 1992)
                m. Jake Harrison [1991-1992; dissolved]
            m. Joe Riley [1969-1971; annulled]
            m. Steve Burke [1972-1974; divorced]
            m. Joe Riley [1974-1979; dissolved]
              c. Kevin Buchanan (born 1976; adopted by Clint)
                m. LeeAnn Demerest [1992-1993; divorced]
                  c. Duke Buchanan (born 1992; died 2006)
                    a. Kelly Cramer
                      c. Zane Buchanan (born 2006)
                m. Cassie Callison [1998-1999; annulled]
                m. Kelly Cramer [2003-2004; divorced]
                  c. Kevin Buchanan, Jr. (stillborn; 2004)
              c. Joey Buchanan (born 1980; adopted by Clint)
                m. Kelly Cramer [2000-2001; divorced]
                m. Jennifer Rappaport [2003-2004; divorced]
                  c. Unnamed child (miscarriage; 2003)
                m. Aubrey Wentworth [2011; divorced]
            m. Clint Buchanan [1982-1985; divorced]
            r. Mitch Laurence
              c. Jessica Buchanan (born 1986; adopted by Clint)
                a. Will Rappaport
                  c. Megan Buchanan (stillborn; 1999)
                m. Tico Santi [2004; annulled]
                a. Nash Brennan
                  c. Bree Brennan (born 2006)
                m. Antonio Vega [2006-2007; divorced]
                m. Nash Brennan [2007-2008; divorced]
                  c. Chloe Brennan (stillborn; 2008)
                a. Robert Ford
                  c. Ryder Ford (born 2011)
                m. Robert Ford [2011; annulled]
                m. Cutter Wentworth [2011; divorced] 
            m. Clint Buchanan [1986-1994; divorced]
              c. Natalie Buchanan (born 1986; stolen at birth)
                m. Mitch Laurence [2002-2003; annulled]
                m. Cristian Vega [2003-2005; divorced]
                m. Jared Banks [2009; dissolved]
                a. John McBain
                  c. Liam McBain (born 2011)
            m. Sloan Carpenter [1994-1995; dissolved]
            m. Ben Davidson [2000-2004; dissolved]
            m. Charlie Banks [2009-2011; divorced]
          c. Meredith Lord (born 1950; died 1973)
            m. Larry Wolek [1970-1973; dissolved]
              c. Daniel Wolek (born 1971; twin)
              c. Unnamed daughter (stillborn 1971; twin)
        a. Dorothy Randolph (deceased)
          c. Tony Lord (born 1947; died 1983)
            a. Pat Ashley
              c. Brian Kendall (born 1967; died 1978)
            m. Cathy Craig [1976-1977; divorced]
            m. Pat Ashley [1982-1983; dissolved]
        m. Irene Manning [1960s; divorced]
          c. Tina Lord (born 1962)
            m. Cord Roberts [1986-1987; divorced]
              c. C. J. Roberts (born 1987)
            a. Patrick London
              c. Unnamed child (miscarriage; 1988)
            m. Cord Roberts [1988-1990; divorced]
            m. Cord Roberts [1991-1993; divorced]
              c. Sarah Roberts (born 1991)
            m. Cain Rogan [1994; invalid]
            m. David Vickers [1995; divorced]
            m. Cord Roberts [2011-present; married]
        a. Irene Manning
          c. Todd Manning (born 1972; twin) {put up for adoption}
            m. Blair Cramer [1995; annulled]
              c. Unnamed son (miscarriage; 1995)
            m. Blair Cramer [1995-1997; divorced]
              c. Starr Manning (born 1996)
                a. Cole Thornhart
                  c. Hope Manning-Thornhart (born 2008; died 2012)
            m. Téa Delgado [1997-1998; divorced]
            m. Téa Delgado [1998-1999; annulled]
            m. Blair Cramer [2001-2002; divorced]
              c. Jack Manning (born 2001)
            a. Téa Delgado
              c. Danielle Manning (born 2003)
          c. Victor Lord Jr. (born 1972; twin)
            m. Blair Cramer [2003-2004; annulled]
            r. Margaret Cochran {she raped Victor}
              c. Sam Manning (born 2006; adopted by Blair)
            a. Blair Cramer
              c. Unnamed son (miscarriage; 2006)
            m. Blair Cramer [2007-2008; divorced]
            m. Téa Delgado [2009; invalid]
            m. Téa Delgado [2010-present; married]
              c. Victor Lord III (born 2012; died shortly after birth)
        m. Dorian Cramer [1975-2003; dissolved]
      c. Gwendolyn Lord (deceased)
        m. Jonathan Abbott [dissolved by his death]
          c. Richard Abbott
            m. Becky Lee Abbott [1978-1981; divorced]
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