Matthew Buchanan
Eddie Alderson as Matthew Buchanan
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Eddie Alderson
Created by Jill Farren Phelps
First appearance February 22, 1999
Last appearance January 13, 2012
Family Buchanan
Gender Male
Date of birth February 22 1994 (13) 02-14-07

Matthew Buchanan is a fictional character on the American Soap Opera One Life to Live. Born onscreen in 1999, the character was rapidly aged in 2001 with the casting of Eddie Alderson, re-establishing his birth year as 1994. Alderson stayed with the series until the ABC Daytime finale in 2012. Upon resuming as a web series via The Online Network, Robert Gorrie was cast in the role and debuted April 29, 2013, ultimately revising his birth year to 1992.

Matthew is the only child between supercouple Bo Buchanan and Nora Buchanan, as well as the grandson of business tycoon Asa Buchanan. The character's most significant storylines include his friendship with Starr Manning, played by Alderson's real-life sister, Kristen Alderson, his romances with Destiny Evans and Danielle Manning, his time as a paraplegic thanks to a car accident, as well as his feud with Nate Salinger ignited by Matthew's murder of his father, Eddie Ford.

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