TJ Ashford
GH TJAshford Tajh Bellow
Tajh Bellow as TJ Ashford
General Hospital
Portrayed by Krys Meyer (2012)[1]
Tequan Richmond (2012—)
Created by Garin Wolf
Duration 2012—
First appearance January 17, 2012
Gender Male
Date of birth 1997 (age 22–23)
Occupation Student at Port Charles High
Residence 324 Wharf Street
Port Charles, New York
Alternate performer(s)
Tequan richmond
Tequan Richmond as TJ Ashford
Kris Meyer
Kris Meyer as TJ Ashford

Thomas "TJ" Ashford, Jr. is a fictional character on the original ABC Daytime drama, General Hospital. The role is originated by actor Krys Meyer on January 17, 2012. In July 2012, Soap Opera Digest reported that the released as a casting call very similar to the character of TJ leading to speculation that Meyer had been let go.[3] Online soap gossip site Daytime Confidential later posted speculation about Meyer booking another gig, and the role was to be recast with the new actor reporting to work the week of July 23, 2012.[4]


TJ is the son of Thomas "Tommy" Ashford. His father was killed by fellow Marine Shawn Butler. TJ comes to Port Charles as a troubled teen who is angry with Shawn for killing his father. TJ's mother gave him the option of living with Shawn or military school. On his second day in Port Charles, TJ gets into trouble after he steals a car from a valet service; however, because he is only 14, he is let off with a warning. He is befriended by Molly Lansing, who shows him around Port Charles High and helps him with his homework. Molly's mother Alexis Davis helps TJ get off with a warning after he stole the car. Alexis and Shawn both realize that TJ is very troubled and set out to help him. TJ continues to date Molly in secret, until Alexis finds out in the beginning of July. Alexis confronts them both about their deception, but eventually she and Shawn allow TJ and Molly to continue seeing each other as long as they follow some rules.


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